Zelda’s Creepy Pasta

Have you ever read that Creepy Pasta about Majora’s mask? It’s basically a story about a college student who buys a corrupt MM cartridge that terrorizes and haunts his life. He gets so disillusioned that the two worlds come together and he becomes unable to escape the fact that something from the game world is stalking him and wants him dead.

It would be cool if they made a Zelda game like this where somehow a college student and Link, who is controlled by the college student, were being stalked by some strange presence that existed in the game world but also seemed to somehow know the outer worldーthe one outside the tvーexisted too.

The story could jump back and forth between the characters and have different gameplay in both worlds. The actions in one world could influence and affect what happens in the other, like the worlds could come together in subtle ways. For instance, maybe the college student is so upset and disillusioned with what is happening to him, and his disbelief that it can’t be real, that he starts to cry on his bed, and later when he starts playing Zelda U on his Wii U he finds Link crying on his bed, or when he enters Link’s room in the game he finds the bed is wet with tears.

The story could lead to a point where the college student can no longer distinguish the two worlds and everything that happens in one influences the other, and that becomes one of the key gameplay mechanics. Essentially, Link and the college student, and the two corresponding worlds would all become one, in a sense.

The gameplay in the two worlds could make use of the two worlds simultaneously at times with one world on the tv and the other on the gamepad. Looking at them both at the same time would be the only way to solve some puzzles due to the short lived results of the actions you perform. Maybe there’s a bee that you catch and need to see where it leads. You catch it in the college student’s world and then release it, and then it appears in the game a moment later and you follow it as Link to somewhere that you need to go.

It would be strange and creepy, filled with lots of horror elements, humorous ones too, and weird unexpected twists and consequences at every corner. The translations of the actions in one world wouldn’t always be the way you would think they would be in the other and would give rise to some unexpected revelations.

Anyways, the idea of the coming together of worlds is always a weird and interesting theme to explore, and we would also have the coming together of characters, which would allow for some nice consequences. I’d love it if they made a game like this. It could keep a lot of the old elements of Zelda along with creating a whole bunch of new ones


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